about me

    G’day. Welcome to the web pages of Steve Keast, or me (as I like to call myself).

    Although I can recall drawing from an early age, I seriously began drawing around the age of 13 when I sold my cartoon to The Parkes Champion Post, a community newspaper in country New South Wales, Australia and so after a glossy kids magazine, Kids Zone.

    I then hit high school, and with all the distractions that went with it, my drawing was soon only a tool to make fun of people, (except for a profitable couple of months of drawing nude sketches from discarded ‘girlie mags’ and selling then to the highest bidder. Cut short by a one customer who spilled the beans under interrogation, which was followed by a weeks detention. For the record, the sketches were last seen on the Social Science Mens Staffroom coffee table...mmmm?)

    By the age of 17, all my mates were beginning trades so I too decided to get a ‘real’ job and started an apprenticeship in Signwriting. After completing my training, I continued to signwrite for another 8 years, before deciding to take a few months off and took up a labouring position for an alternative-eco builder, making mud brick and straw bale homes. During this period, I discovered my love of drawing again and started drawing cartoons and sending them to any newspaper, magazine and website who were silly enough to leave an address in plain view. Luckily, this approach worked and I ended up with a semi-regular spot in The Penrith City Star, a Fairfax Community Newspaper. I also, by accident, ended up with my cartoons appearing on a website for Rove, a TV show in Australia hosted by Rove McManus for a season, before being thrown to the artistic gutter. These cartoons were later picked up by a Rove fansite, www.roveonline.com (thanks Batwoman, you rock!). This short break to ‘clear my head’ last 4 years and then unfortunately,the work dried up (no pun intended).

    With a strange desire to make money and, you know... eat stuff and survive, I explored my options in making a career from drawing. I soon discovered Knowledge Work and Collaborative Workshops that help organisations gain alignment and find solutions using different facilitation tools and creative mechanisms and methodologies. One of the methods to capture thoughts and ideas in these sessions is called Graphical Scribing, which basically is taking down key messages and insights onto a whiteboard or large pieces of paper in a graphical form. This gives participants a visual reminder of the conversation.

    Along with this, I also produce graphic models and creative presentation in the hope to rid the world of evil PowerPoint Displays.

    Since starting this line of work I have worked for a variety companies both in Australia and overseas, including Capgemini, The Difference-Pwc, KPMG, ARUP, the top four major banks in Australia, World Vision, Air France, KLM, just to name a few, and different Governments on a state, federal and global level, including working at the 2020 Summit on the Creative Australia work stream which was headed by Cate Blanchett and Peter Garrett, and also had participants including Hugh Jackman, Joel Edgerton and Claudia Karvan.

    I also enjoy the fact that I can call myself a fulltime cartoonist these days, with services including cartooning, illustration, commissioned art, caricaturing and live caricaturing.

    Anyway, enough about me talking about myself..... what do you think about me?